Product description

Superwind 1250

Wind generator for industrial applications

The Superwind 1250 sets new standards for applications with higher energy requirements. Based on the proven technology of the SW 350-II and SW 353, it offers reliable performance and uncompromising quality. Thanks to its patented rotor blade adjustment and efficient wind tracking, it can also cope with extreme wind and climatic conditions.

Superwind 1250


Special features of the Superwind 1250

Patented Rotor Blade Adjustment

Similar to large wind turbines, the rotor blades of all Superwind generators are automatically adjusted above the nominal wind speed, and the aerodynamic loads are limited directly at the rotor. High forces on the structure are avoided, significantly increasing safety and reliability. At the same time, a Superwind continues to generate full power well above the nominal wind speed: situations in which other wind turbines have to be shut down.

The adjustment mechanism is maintenance-free, fully protected and integrated into the hub. The purely mechanical operation works reliably even in the event of external  malfunction and keeps the wind turbine in a safe operating state, independent of electronic components.

Star Hub

Star Hub is the rotor hub design of our current wind generators. The patented rotor blade adjustment works fully automatically at high wind speeds, regulates the output above the nominal wind speed and limits the load on the generator. The new star synchronisation of the rotor blades makes all Superwind turbines more resistant to strong winds and turbulence compared to older technologies.


Damped wind tracking

The wind vane tracking system is designed to reliably turn the wind turbine into the wind as soon as there is sufficient wind to generate electricity. Superwind generators are equipped with a damping system to ensure that they always track into the wind, even in turbulent locations. This damping is a unique feature of our wind turbines. Stability in the wind is essential for efficient power generation.


Coordinated overall concept

Because we develop our systems in-house, all components are perfectly matched. The electric generator, for example, is precisely matched to the aerodynamics of the rotor and delivers charging current even at low wind speeds. Designed as a brushless synchronous machine with neodymium magnets, the generator has outstanding efficiency across the entire power range.


Rotor blades

Hand-laminated GRP-CFRP composite rotor blades further enhance robustness and improve control characteristics.

With the Superwind 1250, you are ready for the challenges of the world's most challenging environments between the Arctic and Antarctic.





Technical data

Rated power 1250 W Nominal voltage 24 V DC or 48 V DC depending on model
Rated wind speed 11,5 m/s Speed control Rotor blade pitch control
Operating range 3,5 m/s - 35 m/s (unbraked) Power control Rotor blade pitch control
Survival wind speed 50 m/s (braked) Break 1 Generator short circuit
Rotor diameter 2,4 m Break 2 Disc brake
Rotor blades 3 Total weight 45 kg
Rotor blade material GFK/CFK hand-laminated Rotor thrust, operating 190 N
Rotational speed 300 – 600 rpm Rotor thrust, extreme gust 1700 N
Generator Permanent magnet, 3-phase; Neodymium magnet    

Dimensioned drawing

Power curve

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