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superwind – Professional wind generators

Quality without compromise for 20 years


since 2004

Our mission

Superwind wind generators  are renowned worldwide for their extreme robustness, reliability and legendary quality. This has always been our mission: to build the best small wind turbines and micro wind turbines we can, using all our knowledge and experience. A lot of energy goes into each of our wind generators: the energy of our employees; the energy to extract the needed raw materials; the energy to supply the components; and the energy to manufacture the wind turbine itself. The use of this energy is only sustainable if the wind turbine can be used for as long as possible and is, in addition, repairable. This is our commitment.

Our product range

Superwind wind generators feature innovative technology and robust design. At the heart our design is the hub-integrated aerodynamic blade pitch control, which automatically adjusts to changing wind conditions. This unique design enables safe operation even at extreme wind speeds and guarantees continuous performance. Superwind stands for reliability, even in the most challenging locations.

SW 350-ll

SW 353

SW 1250




Wind generators
for industry

Superwind offers powerful and reliable wind turbines that are ideal for the most demanding applications in harsh environments such as the high seas or arctic regions. The systems are specially designed for robustness and reliability in extreme conditions. The "Made in Germany" label guarantees its high quality, and stands for durability and optimum performance. Superwind is your partner for sustainable and efficient power generation in any environment.

Wind generators
for sailing

Superwind offers wind generators specially designed for the sailing sector, characterised by their compactness, efficiency and robustness. These generators are ideal for use at sea, providing reliable power even in difficult weather conditions. With their robust design, they are perfect for sailing yachts and boats that require an independent power source with minimal operating noise.  With these generators, you will be able to rely on a safe and sustainable power supply while enjoying the freedom of sailing.