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Industrial Wind generators are robust, resilient and durable. They are ideal for locations with harsh environmental conditions and provide reliable energy even under demanding conditions.

Our products for the industrial sector

SW 353

With its patented rotor blade adjustment, the Superwind 353 guarantees optimum performance even in strong turbulence. With its efficient wind tracking, it offers reliable power generation for locations that require independent and reliable energy sources.

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SW 1250

The Superwind 1250 brings more power to the world of wind turbines. It combines maximum performance with uncompromising quality and is equipped with an advanced pitch control system to handle even the most difficult wind and weather conditions.

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Some application examples:


Designed specifically for demanding offshore operations, Superwind generators really come into their own in the maritime sector. Thanks to rotor blade adjustment, they can generate energy even in stormy conditions, ensuring a reliable power supply. Because of the seawater-resistant materials used, Superwind generators have been providing energy for years in long-term applications such as measuring buoys, tsunami warning systems, lighthouses, barges, floating platforms, aquaculture systems and warning lights. More recently, they have been used in unmanned surface vehicles (USV) that automatically and autonomously carry out measurement tasks on the high seas.


Communication systems are often located in areas that are not connected to the public power grid. Superwind generators provide reliable power for transmission masts, repeaters and satellite stations in these locations. The wind turbines are often used as components of hybrid energy systems in combination with photovoltaics, fuel cells or other energy sources to ensure a high level of operational reliability. We have many references from satisfied customers.

Environmental monitoring

A reliable power supply is essential for the operation of monitoring systems, even in the most remote and inaccessible areas. Superwind generators provide reliable, weather-independent power for sensors and remote data transmission on land and at sea. Scientists in

extreme regions, from the Arctic to the desert, rely on the robustness of our wind turbines. Their consistent effectiveness in the harshest conditions is recognised by many experts, and we will be happy to provide you with references.

Off-grid systems

Especially in off-grid or remote areas where access to the grid is limited, Superwind wind turbines can play an important role in the energy supply. Particularly in combination with other renewable energy sources such as solar panels, wind turbines can contribute to a reliable power supply. By integrating battery storage systems, surplus wind and solar energy can be efficiently stored to ensure a continuous power supply even when energy production fluctuates. The wind generators and their charge controllers operate autonomously in terms of control technology and can therefore be easily integrated into stand-alone systems with battery storage, solar panels and other generators.

Mountain huts & remote homes

Superwind generators are an ideal solution for rmountain and huts remote homes, often located on cliffs or ridges in challenging locations. These locations, often characterised by strong turbulence, require special technologies. In such conditions our Superwind models SW 353 and SW 1250 are the preferred choice.

Safety & Transport

Superwind generators have a worldwide reputation for reliability and are used by operators of railway lines, airports, motorways and port facilities. They provide a solution for locations that are not connected to the grid and have good wind resources. These autonomous, low-maintenance wind turbines are reliable and easy to transport, making them ideal for hard-to-reach open areas. Installing a Superwind turbine can increase the efficiency and lifespan of battery banks, resulting in lower battery replacement costs and reduced labour costs.

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