In addition to the wind generators, other accessories that are essential for reliable and long-lasting operation are key components of the overall Superwind concept:

► SCR charge controller (incl. load resistor)
► External temperature sensor for SCR charge controller
► Stop switch
► Mast mounting set for yachts
► Mast tube set


SCR charge controller (incl. load resistor)

The SCR series charge controller has been specially developed for the Superwind generator to ensure optimum charging of the connected batteries. At the same time, the SCR acts as an electronic load controller for the wind turbine, using pulse width modulation to variably transfer excess energy that cannot be absorbed by the batteries to the associated load resistor. In this way, the wind turbine continues to run safely under electrical load, even with full batteries and high wind speeds, and is ready to deliver useful power as soon as an electrical consumer is switched on. The SCR is suitable for all common batteries such as lead-acid, gel and AGM batteries and has a temperature compensated charging characteristic. For applications with Lithium batteries, the final charge voltage is specially adjusted at the factory and the temperature compensation is deactivated.


Technical data 12 V - Version 24 V - Version 48 V - Version
Nominal voltage 12 V 24 V 48 V
Max. Charging voltage (at 25°C) 14,4 V 28,8 V 57,6 V
Temperature compensation - 18 mV / °C - 36 mV / °C - 72 mV / °C
Max. current 40 A 40 A 10 A
Load resistor resistance 0,35 Ohm 1,4 Ohm 5,6 Ohm
Number of separate charging outputs 2 2 2
Control method PWM PWM PWM
Connection terminals M 4 M 4 4 mm² / AWG 11


External temperature sensor for SCR charge controller

for SCR Marine 12 V / 24 V


Stop switch

for wind generator SW 350-II and SW 353


Mast mounting set for yachts



Mast tube set



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